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In recent years there has been increasing awareness and recognition that the abuse of children can and does happen in organizations, and there is a growing acceptance of the potential risks to children from adult unintentional acts and deliberate actions. All educational settings managed by The Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco will follow the FMA-India Child Protection Policy (CPP) in order to create and ensure a holistic child friendly atmosphere, demonstrating God’s preferential love for the all.

We are committed to protect children from abuse, exploitation, organizational negligence and intentional and unintentional harm by setting professional and ethical standards and preparing policies, guidelines, systems and mechanisms. We have set Standard Operating Procedures while working with minors. The CPP is a concrete expression of our loving commitment to the welfare and well-being of the children under our care, assuring protection from abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence.

The school has set up a complaint box for the purpose and initiated a Child Protection Committee. The Child Protection Officer follows the matters if any.



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